My semester in Szeged was nothing short of amazing. The faculty are extremely knowledgable and helpful. I learned so much and in a comfortable and engaging atmosphere where my curiosities were fueled. All of the other students were very, very friendly and welcoming. They were enthusiastic and helpful, which made the semester so much more enjoyable. I made many memories that I will absolutely never forget. I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone! (Jon, from the USA)
I had a great time while studying at the Department of Hungarian studies in Szeged. Classes were very interesting and all the professors were dedicated to all students. Groups were made up of international students, which was great, because all of us had different views, opinions and questions on the same subjects, which made classes very fun and it broadened my horizons. I enjoyed the experience of studying at the Department of Hungarian studies, where I learned so much, improved my Hungarian and made some great friends! I would recommend everyone to study here! :-) (Nicola from Serbia)
I studied at the Hungarian Studies for one year (as an Erasmus Student) and would recommend itto everyone interested in the Hungarian Culture and language! The teachers are nice and always available when you need them, they have a sense of humor, it's a familiar atmosphere, even in a very international group of students. Internationals study together with Hungarian Students, language practice opportunities are given. I also attended the annual Summer School in 2016, which helped me to improve my language skills while enjoying the beautiful city and surrounding of Szeged. (Isabell from Germany)
Studying Hungarian language at the University of Szeged during the Summer School was a very interesting experience because it was the opportunity to share experiences in a very nice place, as the sity of sunshine, Szeged. Also it was a great opportunity to live and get to know about Hungarian culture, cuisine, music and history but at the same time was a chance to meet people from more than 20 countries, all of them studying close to you at different levels. For this purpose the university allocates experienced teachers and other staff to ease your experiences in Szeged, enrich the walks through the city, the lectures and/or visiting other interesting places like Ópusztaszer or Budapest. (Juan from Colombia)
Place. Atmosphere. People. Variety. Welcoming. Encouraging. Active. Optimistic. Kind. These are just some of the words I first think of when I think about the Hungarian Studies of the University in Szeged. Studying there was a really unique and unforgettable experience. First of all, I got the opportunity to study and further develop my knowledge on Hungarian language, culture and literature. The key thing, in my opinion, was - ways teachers there taught this. With such an inspiring enthusiasm, classes were never dull or same, and they really managed to transfer knowledge to their students both through teaching and through having a communicative and welcoming approach as well. The atmosphere in Szeged and at the Hungarian Studies itself is another thing which inspires you to work hard, do your best and make things happen. I would recommend every student who seeks for quality education, supportive teachers, new friendships and experiences, to definitelly choose the Department for Hungarology, there's no doubt he/she will get this and even more. (Jelena from Serbia)